A10. Website Assessment.

Provider: Eva Slater, Ph.D. (Showcase Your Practice)

Purpose: Website Assessment provides you with feedback about the effectiveness of your website or that of your client. You (or your client) will receive a video walkthrough of your website with commentary about what’s effective, what isn’t, and what you can do to align your website with your purpose and goals.

Structure and Details: The “Full Website Assessment” is a three-part consultation. In Part One I meet with you or your designee one-on-one by phone, Skype, or video call. In this consultation, we create clarity about the current purpose and goals for the website. In Part Two I send you a video walkthrough of the website, summarizing what works, what doesn’t, and what could be improved to align your website with its goals and purpose. In Part Three I meet with you or your designee one-on-one (by phone, Skype, or video call) to answer questions, summarize findings, and discuss recommendations.

What websites are evaluated: This service evaluates your NGO website or your client’s website.


Full Website Assessment (everything described above): $450 ($405 for Network NGO or your client).

Budget website assessment (video walk-through summary of key findings without one-on-one consultation): $195 ($175 for Network NGOs)

About the provider: Dr. Slater has evaluated websites internationally and provided feedback and recommendations. She especially likes to help NGOs and your clients, because she generally endorses your positive, constructive causes. Dr. Slater also designs websites customized to the individual needs and purpose.