A5. SAHAVE: The Platform for Social Change

SAHAVE’s Vision

We envision a world where no one goes without the necessary blood to sustain life, and that every citizen recognizes the value and responsibility of donating
blood regularly.

SAHAVE’s Mission

To provide the systems to guarantee on demand blood delivery to the patient’s bedside across the globe, thereby eliminating millions of needless deaths each year.

How SAHAVE Will Accomplish This

Through comprehensive social influence communications on an individual, group, community, and national dialogue, the shift in cultural thinking surrounding donating blood and its value to humanity will become standard.  Additionally, by cutting-edge, AI technology built on blockchain, automated technology systems designed to communicate in real-time individual and group needs and fulfillment by all stakeholders, blood can be ordered, acquired and delivered to the patient’s bedside regardless of location anywhere in the world in time to save lives.  Currently, as many as 12,000 lives are lost daily in India alone each day.  In the USA, as many as 4.5 million people are at risk of death each year that are in need of blood transfusions.  There are similar shortages in nearly every country in the world. Coupled with our blood donation approach we also work with nonprofits and NGO’s by building capacity with our volunteer module.  By encouraging volunteering and having the ability to measure results of behavior modification, cognitive thinking, teamwork and empathy, tomorrow’s citizen will grow in personal awareness, social impact toward their fellow citizenry and become more employable.

When SAHAVE Will Accomplish Their Mission

Already operational, the SAHAVE platform is working in the USA and India toward saving lives.  It will take years to shift the cultural belief systems, fears, myths, and superstitions surrounding donating blood, but the movement is crucial to saving lives.

By building efficiency, sustainability and transparency for NGO’s and nonprofits, SAHAVE impacts communities in many, many ways. All too often the bulk of revenues that should be dedicated toward their mission is used for administrative expenses. SAHAVE eliminates the waste by growing volunteers, eliminating wastage of blood, and training and developing marketing skills within the organizations.

Please visit Sahave.org for more information.