If you think you aren’t a numbers person or just the thought of accounting fills you with dread, this class is for you! The Accountant Beside You, Lisa London CPA, understands that you want to work towards your mission, not have to spend days working on the books. She helped her church reduce their accounting time from three days a week to less than one day a week and will teach you how to streamline the accounting process to save time and still have accurate records. To have accurate records, you need to understand the basics of nonprofit bookkeeping behind it. Let Lisa explain how the terminology is different from business accounting and step you through the process without a lot of jargon and unnecessary details. You’ll also learn what to consider when selecting an accounting program with comparisons of free and low-cost options to the more expensive systems. Finally, nonprofits lose billions of dollars annually to fraud and theft. Don’t think it can’t happen to you. Keeping the money safe and your volunteers above suspicion is crucial. Lisa will teach you three easy steps that any size nonprofit can implement to reduce the risk of fraud and theft dramatically. Course is appropriate for bookkeepers, treasurers, executive directors, and program directors or anyone who wants to learn the basics of and how to streamline nonprofit bookkeeping.