Whether you are in career transition or not, career management is essential for any working adult, or even volunteer for that matter. Although there are many career documents you need to keep updated as a professional, your resume and LinkedIn profile are the two key items that must convey your value proposition, skillset, and accomplishments, including the use of keywords. LinkedIn company pages are also extremely important for nonprofits to convey their mission and vision and get engagement and sharing among the internal and external stakeholders of the organization.

There are strategies, tips, and best practices for a resume to get through online applicant tracking system. The same goes LinkedIn, in order to have the algorithm work in your favor. It’s not a matter of just typing information in on a profile. You have to know the “where” and the “why” for each profile section.

· Tips for the Branded Resume – Are you Presenting Yourself Using a Modern Research-based Format? (1-½ hrs. plus ½ hour for Q&A)

· Strategic Research-based Approaches to LinkedIn for Nonprofits (2 hrs. plus Q&A)

· What’s Your Shtick? Personal Branding Online & Offline (1-½ hrs. plus ½ hour for Q&A)