Starting to Fundraise!

Each year thousands of new non-profits are established, creating a very competitive funding environment. This session will give you a heads-above-the-rest look at what you need to do and have in place to get your fundraising program on the right path to success. Whether you are starting a new non-profit or a new professional starting up your fundraising office, come learn tips of the trade that will give you the “cutting edge” from just getting by to raising serious money for your mission. This session will examine the basics in terms of starting a fundraising effort including the mission statement, defining what steps need to be taken, planning, budgeting, staffing, technology, and policies and procedures.

Among what you’ll learn is:

• How to define your mission statement
• The necessity for and the steps necessary to being fund development planning
• How to build a budget for your new development office
• What is the staffing structure and necessary technology you should have in place
• What the essential policies and procedures should be created to effectively manage your new office.

Developing Your Case for Support: The Foundation for Your Fundraising Success

This session will show you how to design a case for support including identifying the importance and role of a case, examining case components, and how to put the case to work in order to build and maintain donor relationships. In this workshop, Robin shares with you how to create your Case for Support and then actually test and use it with your donors.

Among what you will learn is:

• Understand what a case for support is and its role in fund development.
• How to craft each of the different case for support components.
• How to put the case to work and move forward with it.
• How to use a case for support to build and enhance upon donor relations.
• How and when to hire a consultant for case design.

  • Course Hours: Quarter-Day (2 Hours)
  • Delivery Method: Online Live or In-Person Live
  • Includes: Expert content delivery, course customization, related materials provided in electronic format, live interaction with your audience.
  • Amount: $1,795 USD*
  • This course is also available in Extended (4-Hour) and Extended In Depth (8-Hour) formats

*transportation and accommodations not included