How to Raise More Money Effectively in a Small Fundraising Shop

So, you only have a small budget to work with but you need big impact in your fundraising results? In this workshop, I share with you a “how to” on creating impact-driven, donor-centered messaging, a fundraising plan focused on what is important, and strategies to recruit, retain, and cultivate donors…all without a large budget!

Among what you’ll learn is:

• How to create a fundraising message that your donors will respond to.
• How to create a fundraising plan for a small shop with a limited budget focusing on how to leverage your resources.
• How to retain your donors through simple communication strategies without needing tons of money.

How to Plan Donor Communications on a Shoestring

In this session, I will share with you how to build a donor communications plan on a shoestring budget. Join me as Robin as she shares helpful tips to create messaging, a plan, and strategies to get you started.

• Among what you’ll learn is:
• How to create an impact-driven, donor-centric fundraising message
• How to develop a right-sized fundraising plan
• How to incorporate donor communication ideas without a large budget