Hour 1: Running Wildly Successful Special Events!

Special events whether they be meetings, corporate events, fundraising galas, or conferences are fraught with thousands of details, and have to come off without a hitch. Whether your event is for 50 or 2,000, whether it has a budget of a few thousand dollars, or hundreds of thousands, planning and executing the project is like a high-wire act without safety nets. Through this class get practical advice and tips on every aspect of organizing and managing your special event. Learn tips of the trade that help you run a wildly successful special event. This session will take you through every aspect of organizing and executing a successful event: the planning stages, timing and logistics, budget preparation, operations, and day of management. This session will also include a lab in which you will be asked to develop a special event strategy and will refine it based on peer-review and in-class sharing.

Among what you will learn is:

• Choose the best venue.
• Prepare and manage the event budget.
• Organizing and timing the event.
• Schedule and staff the event.
• Coordinate food and beverages, decorations, entertainment, and event themes.
• Work with professionals and other contracted services.
• Evaluate the event and plan for the next.

Hour 2: How to Host Your First Fundraising Cultivation Event

In this session, Robin “takes you by the hand” and lead you through the steps to host your first or maybe even your fiftieth cultivation event, making the process simple and effortless.

Among what you’ll learn is:

• What makes an event a cultivation event
• How to set expectations for your event
• How to identify who should be invited to your cultivation event
• How to engage your Board members in the event
• How to conduct post-event follow-up with your potential prospects

Hour 3: Securing Your Special Event Sponsorships

In this session, you will learn how to take your special event sponsorships from lackluster to booming by maximizing and leveraging your prospective event sponsors for success.

Among what you’ll learn is:

• How to target sponsors and sponsorship levels
• How to rate and rank your prospective sponsors to maximize your efforts
• How to identify and create sponsorship benefits that attract sponsors to higher levels
• How to manage and track sponsor benefits
• How to conduct post-event stewardship of your sponsors

Hour 4: How to Turn Your Fundraising Event Attendees into Supportive Donors

This session will show you how to use your next special event to build a stronger and bigger donor base. In this workshop, I share with you how to turn your event attendees into long-term sustainable donors.

Among what you will learn is:

• Why special events attendees can make great long-term donors.
• The difference between transactional vs. transformative giving.
• How to steward donor prospects before, during, and after your event.
• How events can work together with your major gift efforts.