It’s important for every organization to bring in new people. But reaching for everyone rarely works like you’d hope.  And prioritizing who you wish were showing up over the people who are showing up can form an unsustainable path.

How do you grow and impact a wider range of the community, without losing your center? Before you can craft the right message, plan a great campaign and even design the perfect event, you must get clear on your core audience.

In this program, we’ll discuss how to conduct audience research that illuminates the people you need for your organization to thrive. The result of this start-in-the-center method is an organization that knows its core. And when you know your core, you can expand your audience in ways that build on what your key supporters value.

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify and understand your most critical current audience
  • How to expand toward new audiences without losing your base
  • How to engage your staff in a culture of change