What’s Your Plan? A Road Map for Fund Development Success!

Are your fund development efforts floundering? Don’t know where to start or what to do? Fret not, this workshop is here! This session will get you on the right track by showing you how to develop a concrete plan for your fundraising efforts. You will leave with a direction and plan for propelling your efforts heads above the rest.

Among what you’ll learn is:

• An understanding of the development planning process and who should be involved
• How to produce and implement your plan
• How to keep the plan alive and moving your efforts forward

How to Calculate Your Key Fundraising Metrics

Fundraising planning time can often be a stressful time. However, if you have been successfully measuring your nonprofits fundraising effectiveness, planning and resulting strategy become a cinch. This session will share with you steps to take to start analyzing your key fundraising effectiveness metrics.

Among what you’ll learn is:

• Some of the key metrics that need to be analyzed
• What are the specific calculations behind each metric
• How to determine if metrics meet industry cost standards
• What are the industry best practices regarding cost standards