Premium Directory Listing

Please join the AGIF directory, the first step to building a stronger, more impactful non-profit. Donors will be able to search by subject (and later by language and country) and contribute to you directly through your website.

For $87/year you will:

  • Get LOTS of publicity. With a descriptive Summary and a telephone interview, we will broadcast your story once a week for one year to millions of potential donors and collaborators through three to five social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Instagram and YouTube).
  • Gain more visibility. That means more potential donors, collaborators and supporters who are sympathetic to your cause. This also creates general awareness of the “I saw you somewhere” factor.
  • See how to fill in the gaps. Conveniently learn new processes and strategies from subject experts to improve your performance and mission’s impact.
  • Become eligible for our Capacity Building grants. By getting a Capacity Building grant, you will be able to afford trainings to become bigger, stronger and more impactful.
  • Become eligible for an AGIF Impact Grant. This will help you to expand and broaden your mission to new communities.

[Let’s face it. $87/year is just $7.25/month to get tons of publicity and donations from a huge pool of potential contributors. If you can afford to give more, please do. Your increased contributions will help subsidize underfunded Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) at home and abroad … and provide grant funds to improve the entire NGO community. Thank you!]

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