G4. NGO Success Coaching.

…to achieve your NGO and grant goals

Purpose: Individual coaching for NGO leaders and/or key staff members to successfully accomplish NGO goals.

Provider: Eva Slater, PhD, at Showcase Your Practicev

Details: Coaching sessions empower clients’ mental clarity, focus, and skill to accomplish your NGO goals. Dr. Slater listens deeply about the challenges and obstacles that hinder progress, facilitates clients in dissolving or overcoming obstacles, and helps crystalize your next effective steps on behalf of the NGO. Previous coaching clients report dramatically reduced stress and increased confidence, motivation, clarity, and goal achievement.

Coaching Structure: Dr. Slater provides one-on-one coaching sessions with each individual who is coached, such as NGO leader or staff member. Each individual receives three 45-minute coaching sessions monthly for six months to one-year, depending on the scope and timeframe of the goal. Sessions are conducted by phone, Skype, or Zoom video conferencing.

Qualifications of service provider: Eva Slater, PhD, is a certified coach to help clients achieve challenging goals. Her clients are delighted by their increased confidence, skill, and progress.

Dr. Slater received her doctoral degree (PhD) and masters of science (MS) in clinical psychology from a program accredited by the American Psychological Association. She is additionally trained in The Sedona Method to help clients dissolve inner obstacles or unwanted feelings that hinder goal achievement. She conveys a deep respect for her clients, creating the space for them to bring forth their best inner strengths.


Six-month individual coaching program:
$7,000 per coaching client (three 45-minute sessions monthly for six months)
Twelve-month individual coaching program:
$13,500 per coaching client (three 45-minute sessions monthly for twelve months)

Lower-fee alternative: If individual coaching programs (recommended) are cost prohibitive, group coaching may be possible by special arrangement.

Language Interpreter: If the client prefers a language other than English, an interpreter is provided for an additional fee, and coaching sessions last longer to allow sufficient time. (Dr. Slater’s additional time for interpretation is complimentary.)