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What You Get / The AGIF Advantage

Free Resources

We all know that knowledge is power. The AGIF team is working hard to collect and create informative content that will assist you in your growth and will be free to our members.

By signing up for the Directory, you will have access to important articles about philanthropy, entrepreneurship, business, data management, social media growth and many more topics. You’ll have direct access to our proprietary reports and insightful research essays as we collaborate with academia from around the country.

We’ll also be providing you with links to inspirational media like podcasts and videos from experienced philanthropists or entrepreneurs and their tips for success in everything from board governance to fundraising to expanding your support base.


A great nonprofit idea or intentions alone will not sustain a cause. That is why the AGIF works tirelessly through various social media platforms and partners to maintain a consistent public presence to drive donors and collaborators to engage with our community. Through our social media and partners, we can offer exposure to over 1 million impressions who could reach nearly 9 million people. Plus, many major professional colleagues of ours will also be promoting the AGIF to their extensive networks, further increasing members’ exposure. Whether through our vast network on Twitter, our video library on YouTube, pictures on Instagram, or news and blog updates on Facebook, we will work to gain you the most visibility and engagement possible.

Directory With Translations

Join our listing of nonprofits from around the world where your mission and organization can be easily found in multiple languages and on other countries’ major search engines, giving you tremendous increased exposure to potential donors worldwide. Get your nonprofit’s mission and message translated into six major languages — English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Arabic — and any others you want. Click here for more information.

Capacity Building Courses

Taught by vetted experts from the nonprofit community, we’ve gathered a wide array of courses and criteria to help grow your organization. Whether you need a simple refresher or to strengthen weak areas of performance, we’ve got you covered. From finance to grant writing to human resources, you will find a comprehensive list that will help your non-profit thrive. Click here for more information.


By joining the AGIF family, you will find yourself among like-minded groups and individuals seeking to better the world we live in. Use our resources to connect with others who have similar missions or to simply gain broader exposure to donors. The AGIF will maintain a social media presence to drive traffic and exposure for your missions.


Around 90% of the information our brains process is visual, which is why a powerful video message can greatly impact your gaining traction for your mission. Let the AGIF either host a video message you have created, or have the AGIF create an expert video message for you. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Capacity Building Grants

Does your team need capacity building courses but lacks the resources? Our generous donors want you to succeed through our Capacity Building Grants. Capacity Building donations will help meet you halfway – or all the way—in getting you access to the courses and experts that you need. Click here to apply for a Capacity Building Grant today!

Impact Grants

Qualifying Directory members may become eligible for the AGIF Impact Grant. Receive a grant that will help you acquire the talent and resources needed to advance your mission.

UNIQUELY all Impact Grant recipients are vetted by personal, on-site visits before and during their funding. These visits ensure that

  • The NGO recipients have the infrastructure, the marketing, and the leadership to maximize the use of funds, and that
  • Donors’ contributions are going to programs with the strongest possible potential for success.

Click here to see our qualification criteria and apply today!