The AGIF Advantage:

What You Get When You Join

You can join the AGIF in two ways:

  • No-fee membership
  • Paid membership.


When you join our Directory and become a “member” of this category, you will get:

  1. Social media broadcasting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube (for videos only). One post per week for eight weeks on the above media, summarizing your mission.
  2. Two free reports:
  • Challenges and Issues of Running a Nonprofit … and Community Solutions
  • Five Pillars of Nonprofit Success, by nonprofit expert, Hugh Ballou.


($87/year, or less by special arrangement)

When you join our Directory and become a paid “member,” you will get for FREE…

Amazing members-only information to grow your nonprofit:

  1. Five Pillars of Nonprofit Success: Report by nonprofit expert, Hugh Ballou
  2. AGIF Data Management Report: How to use gathered data most effectively
  3. AGIF Marketing Strategies Report: Social media, Cause marketing, Effective campaigns and more
  4. AGIF Leadership Report: How to prevent burnout and preserve talent
  5. Translating and Interpreting: What All Nonprofits Need to Know to Grow
  6. Managing Human Resources Effectively: Unique Nonprofit Challenges and Ways to Overcome Them
  7. Podcast on Engineering Generosity
  8. Podcast on Venture Philanthropy
  9. Year-long, extensive Social Media marketing of your nonprofit —

Hiring a social media manager can cost you $50K and up. With the AGIF, you get free, on-going broadcasts of your message every week via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube … driving potential donors and funders to your website.

We will interview you by phone or Skype (30-60 minutes) to learn the who-what-when-where-why-how details of your nonprofit. This will enable us to tell your story much more powerfully. These social media posts can contain memes (graphics), images, or videos to make your story even more effective.

Your messages on social media will post up to twice a week for a year, rotating through the cycle we will develop for you. If you have special events or fundraisers, we can help to promote those as well.

What could you now do with all that extra exposure?

PAID memberships also include …

Collaboration and connectivity

Links with other members or providers who can enhance your mission and direct even more donors to you.


Our partners at CausEcho, a civic media platform, offer unlimited access to free live-event streaming that allows attendees to join your events from anywhere nationwide and for donors to contribute to your cause from their office or home. Latent activists can also participate in the event through the streaming site at

PLUS (for an extra cost) —

Capacity Building Courses

Taught by vetted experts from the nonprofit community, we’ve gathered a wide array of courses to help grow your NGO … whether you need a simple refresher or to strengthen weak areas of performance. From finance to grant writing to human resources, you will find a comprehensive list that will help your non-profit thrive. Click here for more information.

Capacity Building Resources

Marketing platforms, Intellectual Property attorneys, dress-for-funding consultant, CRM systems, and many other ways to grow your nonprofit.


Can’t afford the course or resource fees? Apply for a Capacity Building grant to subsidize the cost.


Put your Directory listing in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic or any other language for just $85. each to attract potential funders and donors abroad.

And through us, you can also localize your website, videos and your own training info for your overseas or multicultural communities. Studies have shown that converting your website alone to other languages can increase your exposure by 40 to 86%! Could you benefit from possible funding from unexplored sources? For translations, please contact us.

Presenting your programs to non-English communities at home or abroad? Ask us to arrange a domestic or in-country interpreter to communicate more effectively!


Around 90% of the information our brains process is visual … which is why a powerful video can greatly gain traction for your mission. Let the AGIF either host your own videos or have us create an expert video for you. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Impact Grants 

Directory members may qualify for the AGIF Impact Grant to help you acquire needed talent and resources to advance your mission or to broaden or deepen it to new communities.

UNIQUELY all Impact Grant recipients are vetted by personal, on-site visits before and during their funding. These visits ensure that

1. NGO recipients have the infrastructure, the marketing, and the leadership to maximize the use of funds, and that

2. Donors’ contributions are going to programs with the strongest possible potential for success.

Click here to see our qualification criteria and apply today!