Management or Marketing Issues? …. Capacity Building

Problems often start with the NGOs themselves; they are not properly structured to succeed.

If you are an NGO with these challenges, The AGIF can train you to maximize your management and marketing effectiveness, such as by improving your structure, fundraising, social media, marketing or administration (called “capacity building”).

Many capacity-building training programs are listed on our website, with grants awarded to NGOs that cannot afford the full fees.

Want to expand your world through Languages?

If you are an NGO that communicates, for example, only in Vietnamese, Kazakh or Lingala, you will be totally unknown outside your home country.

Similarly, if you are an NGO that communicates only in English, you are not reaching the 72% of the world that uses other languages – including over 50 million US Latinos, of whom 37 million speak Spanish at home.

Imagine the extra donations, linkages and collaborations if you only knew about each other and millions more people knew about you.

Through our language solutions, the AGIF:

  • can translate one-page summaries of your work in major donors’ languages such as English, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German and Arabic;
  • can localize your websites, videos, brochures, reports and programs from English into other languages and from other languages into English; and
  • can get your URL registered on major search engines worldwide.

How can you obtain more funding … and exposure?

Global NGO Directory

To gain greater exposure to global donors and collaborators worldwide, for a very small fee, most any NGO worldwide can list in our Global NGO Directory. Each NGO will benefit from:

  • a one-page summary in English;
  • the opportunity to have your summary translated into other languages;
  • the opportunity to include videos of your work;
  • a cross-reference by country and keywords;
  • a Donate button;
  • social media exposure to over 1 million impressions who could reach nearly 9 million people; and
  • other marketing and publicity.

Contributions will help cover these costs for developing-country NGOs that cannot afford them.

Impact Grants

If your NGO has a solid infrastructure –- perhaps strengthened through Capacity Building programs –you may then qualify for an AGIF Impact Grant. This will empower you to broaden and deepen your mission.

The AGIF will first vet candidates through primary research and – uniquely –  through on-site, in-country visits to ensure proper management, accounting and reporting, and to evaluate how our funding can maximize your goals.


We welcome tax-deductible contributions of any size from individuals or organizations that want to improve the world and who support our goals.

Thank you!