Impact Grants

Grants are currently unavailable and members will be informed as soon as they are. However, grants will be awarded based on your Date of Registration in our Directory: The earlier your registration, the higher priority you will receive. Please be sure you register in our Directory now to secure your place.
The AGIF makes grants that predominantly benefit small to medium-sized nonprofits (also called NGOs: Non-Governmental Organizations) around the globe bringing in less than US $1 million annually. Impact Grants will be given to selected NGOs in the United States, Latin America / Caribbean, the Mideast, Africa and developing Asia, with grants equalized among regions as much as possible. The primary focus of Impact Grants is to support NGOs working with underserved populations and/or in underserved countries.
Are you eligible?
To be considered as a qualified applicant, your organization must:
1. Be bringing in no more than US $1 million in annual revenues.
2. Have no ties to terrorist or extremist organizations per US State Department regulations; and advocate no hate messages or promote violence.
3. Fall into one or more of the categories below:
-STEM Education to support grassroots efforts to advance students, trainees and disadvantaged individuals in the areas of Science,  <Technology, Engineering and Math;
-Arts Education (including theatre, music and fine arts);
-Youth Empowerment;
-Development of critical thinking;
-Women’s rights and equality;
-Training and job creation;
-Self-empowerment and Leadership Development;
-Medical / healthcare Initiatives;
-Animal preservation and conservation;
-Veterans’ support and programs, and;
-Environment and Environmental Awareness.
Prepare A Strong Proposal
A strong proposal is ready for review. It should be well beyond the conceptual stage, and have a clear plan for the project, timeline and budget. The proposal should present defined benefits or outcomes and describe why your community supports your goal. Involvement of your Board with cash, in-kind contributions and a community campaign are some indicators of a proposal being ready. As appropriate, community participation is a primary factor in a proposal being ready. We like to see that (any additional needed) fundraising is significantly underway with your traditional supporters, local businesses, key donors and other foundations.
After an initial review of a proposal by our staff, on-site visits and follow-up communications may be appropriate. Large requests are reviewed by our Board of Directors and / or special committee which normally meets monthly. Smaller requests are reviewed and a funding determination is made by senior Foundation staff. Proposals receive a response regarding the outcome of the review or next steps, if any, usually within four to six weeks. Smaller grants (US $5,000 or less) typically can be decided in about three weeks.
How to Apply
Step 1
Check your eligibility and prepare a strong proposal.
Make Preparation
Step 2
Download and complete the application form below.
Application Form
Step 3
Email your completed application form to us at
Send through email
Reminder: To finish the application step, please remember to email your completed application form along with other supportive documents (tax-exempt approval letter, a strong proposal and audited financial statements) to the AGIF at  Should you have questions regarding your eligibility, please call or email us.