AGIF Founder’s Purpose


When I lived for two years in a remote region of Southern Africa, for weeks around 8am every Tuesday morning someone would knock on my door asking if my housemates and I had any work. Regretfully, the answer was always “No”. With a maid and a gardener and after paying a local boy to wash my car every day just to create employment, I knew that this and other issues had to be addressed on a much larger scale.

With overseas study, living and travel experiences in over 55 countries and self-learning of global issues since I was 10, I have long been aware of world problems and opportunities. Millions of people at home and abroad have their potential squandered because of poverty, hunger and disease; a filthy environment; self-serving politicians; discrimination; and inadequate housing, education and employment.

I also know that countless outstanding NGOs nationwide and worldwide are addressing these and many other critical causes. For me, the challenge was not to create yet another one but how to assist the existing ones to do a more impactful job.

From all these inspirations and decades of commitment to social justice, I am thrilled to launch the Auerbach Global-Impact Foundation as a way to create this vision.

Initial funding for the AGIF will come from profits of my firm, Auerbach International Inc., because to me, giving opportunities to others is much more important than acquiring more material objects or adding to sufficient savings. In this quest, I am sincerely indebted to our marvelous company team and wonderful clients without whom none of this funding would be possible.

My true dream has long been to have $100 million to give away. Reaching the first $100 million from company profits, outside grants and donations of all sizes will be the first big challenge. Then we will strive for the next $100 million. By then, I hope that our collective impact through the AGIF will already be immense. And I know that the job will never be done.

I feel that it is the religious, moral and ethical obligation of those of us who have to give to those who have not. However much or however little you have, someone always has less and may be desperate. And if you are well-off today, how can you be sure that you will still be well-off tomorrow? While many people believe in Heaven and an afterlife, all we absolutely know for certain is the world in which we are living and can touch right now. And it does not take long to see all the repair it needs.

Many millionaires and billionaires think that happiness comes from acquiring yet another mansion, another yacht, another necklace, another splurge or another adventure. Any credible psychologist, clergy member or teacher will tell you that while material comforts are truly important, happiness comes from personal fulfillment. And one means of personal fulfillment comes from serving and assisting others to have a better life for themselves.

Who knows? Maybe the funding we give will touch one person who will cure the disease your relative died of or will discover how to stop global warming before it stops us.

I hope you will join me to impact the future, perhaps by helping us to fund someone who will touch your community, your family or yourself.

Thank you.