Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the deadlines for applying?2018-04-02T22:31:22-07:00

Unless otherwise specified, our grant application process is always open. We accept grant requests daily through our online application process. 

2. How soon will I hear from you after I apply?2018-03-14T18:46:11-07:00

You will receive a response from us within six to eight weeks after applying. Each request is reviewed by our board members first to determine whether it meets our Mission and guidelines. We will answer every request via email to inform you of approval, a request for more information, or a respectful declination.

3. What is an appropriate request amount? Is there a maximum grant size?2018-08-20T04:54:45-07:00

The amount that you request from the AGIF should be proportionate to your organizational budget, project budget, and expected income from other sources. We generally fund no more than 50% of a project’s full budget. Please see the guidelines for specific details on each grant category. For Capacity Building Grants, we can fund up to the full amount of the requested courses and material.

4. How do you calculate in-kind donations?2018-03-14T18:47:47-07:00

In-kind contributions are goods (wholesale value) or services provided instead of cash for one of your project’s budget line-items. Both the revenue and the expense projections should reflect the in-kind contribution in your budget. Labor donated for fundraising activities does not count towards in-kind.

5. If our request is approved, how soon before we can receive funding?2018-03-21T06:56:27-07:00

This will depend on the type of grant you are applying for and the amount. For Capacity Building Grants, you will be able to receive funds within six to eight weeks of applying. For the Impact Grant, it will depend on the project size and grant amount; we will work with you on the payment release schedule.

6. Does the AGIF offer challenge grants?2018-08-20T04:53:07-07:00

Yes, the AGIF recognizes challenge grants as effective tools for leveraging additional financial support for certain projects. For example, a 1:1 challenge grant means the AGIF will match $50,000 of community contributions with an additional $50,000 once the challenge to your community and constituents has been met.

7. Do you fund operating expenses?2018-03-14T18:49:24-07:00

No, regretfully we do not fund operating expenses.

8. Do you make site visits?2018-03-14T18:49:53-07:00

Yes. Generally a program officer will visit your location, locally or overseas, if your request is going to our Board or Committee for review. At the site visit, we like to meet with your board members and executive staff and to tour your facility / site. Site visit details are worked out prior to the visit. After Impact Grants are awarded, however, we may visit unannounced to ensure that our grants – and donors’ contributions to us — are being spent properly.

9. When may we re-apply?2018-03-14T18:50:35-07:00

We process applications on a continuous basis. However, if you currently have an active grant with the AGIF, we generally will not consider additional funding until the current grant is closed. If your request has been declined, we ask that you wait a year to reapply for the same grant.

10. Does the Foundation offer multi-year grants?2018-03-14T18:51:18-07:00

Yes, but on a limited basis.

11. May I contact the AGIF if I have specific questions about whether my project or program meets your mission and guidelines?2018-03-14T18:52:04-07:00

Yes, you may contact the Foundation at telephone (415) 745-7210 x 305 or through info@theAGIF.org.