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Executive Director

Executive Director

Spencer Goold is a successful marketer, TV director, and a veteran of the US Army and Afghanistan. Spencer served a mission for his church in Thailand from 1999-2001 where he learned the Thai language and a love for the many cultures in Southeast Asia. Upon returning to the US, he attended the Art Institute of Phoenix where he received a bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Production, all the while working freelance film jobs as well as a job in production at the Phoenix CBS affiliate news station. Spencer went on to build his own production company that worked in unison with various boutique marketing and advertising firms to create award-winning content for multiple media.

In 2009, Spencer signed up for the United States Army. Though he initially took a job as a helicopter mechanic for the Kiowa attack/scout helicopter system, he deployed to Afghanistan as a drone mechanic. In addition, he is an effective leader who has successfully led teams of up to 20 in dynamic and fast-paced scenarios.

Upon returning, he trained and attended a physically and mentally rigorous special operations selection course and was selected. His training has given him the tools to conduct network analysis based on local influencers; to tailor messaging based on demographics, psychographics, religion, culture, language and symbols; and to evaluate various avenues to approach challenges. This also gave him the background to live and work in austere environments ranging from jungle to desert.

Spencer has a great deal of admiration and respect for the international community and wishes to serve and have a positive impact. Due to his long-term exposure to Southeast Asia, he has become proficient in the Thai, Tagalog, and Cambodian languages in hopes that he’ll have continuing opportunities to return. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, learning about philosophies and playing guitar.