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Quoria Foundation’s project — Math4ALL — is math practice software that will be accessible in 95 languages — the languages spoken by over 99% of the English language learners (ELLs) in U.S. schools. ELLs are America’s least-educated student population. Research informs us that they need educational content in their native languages to help them stay on pace with their English-speaking peers. In the absence of that content, far too many fall behind and stay behind.

The problem of educating these students is national and systemic. Los Angles Unified has 91 languages spoken by its students. The schools in New York City have 159 languages. Teachers across this nation are in desperate need of a solution.

Math4ALL represents a new genre of educational technology we call “massively multilingual.” The goal is help level the academic playing field for ELLs by enabling them to improve their math skills from their first day of school. Math4ALL can help mainstream ELLs with little or no educator oversight.

It’s a powerful, research-based math tool at the core of STEM (the U.S. Department of Education’s focus on improving education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Math4ALL’s content ranges from kindergarten level up to pre-algebra.

Also, Math4ALL will have an assessment module that will give teachers visibility on what their students know and don’t know.

Math4ALL is based on an award-winning math practice software program that was chosen for use in all Sylvan Learning centers in North America. That product was created by Quoria’s founder. Now, Quoria is creating a superior version of that software, adding 94 languages, and making it available for free.

Quoria will begin a pilot of Math4ALL in Oakland Unified School District on June 18, 2018. This version of Math4ALL will be accessible in 25 of the 53 languages spoken by Oakland’s students.

Our goal is to expand the pilot to other school districts, add features to Math4ALL, and add math content.

Please donate to Quoria to support the development and expansion of this revolutionary new math product that will help some of America’s most underserved children. Thank you!