The AGIF Global NGO Directory

Welcome to our Directory of nonprofit organizations from around the world.

Our online directory of nonprofits (also known as NGOs, Non-Governmental Organizations) features the profiles of all our Directory members. Click here to find nonprofit summaries – plus some with videos and in multiple languages for your convenience. Please find a cause that you love in a country or region that you love, and support it through your donations.

Welcome to the AGIF Global NGO Directory which we intend to make into the most comprehensive non-profit resource in the world.

Donors can use the Directory to find and fund causes they support. NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) can use it to promote themselves to donors worldwide and seek collaborations with other NGOs to support your valuable work.

Listings in the Directory are a very modest fee of $87 per year.

Plus, you will have the opportunity to get your summary translated into five major donor languages (French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Arabic) for a one-time fee of only $85 each. Want other languages? We can easily do those too, whether common or rare.

These translations will expose you with minimal effort to a huge additional donor base around the world whom we will target through our publicity. Translations are implemented by translators (not error-prone software) who —

  • have at least ten years’ ongoing experience;
  • have advanced, professional training in the art of translation;
  • are matched to your mission focus (housing, youth, hunger, etc.) to ensure their knowledge of your specialized terminology; and
  • speak needed nuances to render your summary in the cultural context of your target countries.

In addition, your summary can contain videos of your work – or we can make some for you.

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