Courses for Nonprofits

The AGIF partners with some of the world’s greatest experts in nonprofit leadership and strategy to provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to expand and improve, we can connect you to cutting-edge expertise.
The key to getting the most form a volunteer, and the volunteer getting the most from their experience, is to start off right. This checklist of 25 essential steps can point you, and your volunteers, in the right direction for a happier, more productive relationship.
Learn how to write more effectively for any kind of fundraising effort
Retaining a nonprofit consultant? If your non-profit organization is seeking to hire a consultant, listen to this podcast to learn about things to consider for a successful outcome.
In a world where many people use “consultant” as a euphemism for being unemployed or underemployed, how do you select a highly qualified consultant for your nonprofit? Listen to this episode to get important advice about how to choose the right consultant for your organization.
The ThinkNP Guide to Nonprofit Consulting is just what it says: practical, and specifically about working with nonprofits. The book doesn’t just tell you what to do. Through 140+ exercises – big and small – you take the steps necessary to build your own business working with nonprofits.
There are lots of online programs offering promises to create lots of revenue. Some of them even work. What’s missing from those “quick fix” offers is a system for creating sustainable, recurring income and a support system to assist us when we get stuck or get confused.
Why do some ads, websites and training materials work and others don’t? There are as many theories as there are experts, but there is one key explanation that is usually overlooked. It’s the energy that the copy and graphics in the ad, on the website and in the training materials that makes the difference.
Build a strong background in writing and publishing for brand and business benefits — the whys, the hows and most importantly the “how to”s of becoming a successful author and brand publisher
Receive instruction from an unparalleled expert with a 100% success rate in getting nonprofits approved
This eight-part video program covers the fundamental business information that we should be teaching in high school, but that almost no one learns.
This four-part video program covers the mindset and actions necessary for a business to survive, much of which is surprising to the first-time business owner.
This 55-part audio training program covers fundamental best practices in all of the key performance areas of business. It is a must-have for all business that want to avoid mistakes and grow.
Resources and deliverables, unlike any other talent management firm for non-profit organizations and leaders
In the session we create a crystal-clear vision of your purpose and what you want to accomplish through your NGO. We uncover hidden obstacles that may be sabotaging your success. You’ll leave the session uplifted, re-energized, and inspired to achieve your vision.
Outline your mission, create a detailed plan to carry it out.
Learn the process of designing outcome measures, data collections systems and analytics that will let you (and your funders) know more than “did we do it?”, but “did it work?”
Reduce risk of running your charitable business, and develop strategies to expand and protect your brand.
Learn the necessity of a development planning process, how to conduct a development audit, assess your fundraising, and how to use that assessment to craft a full-scale development plan
This course will explore how “long” long term planning should be in a world of constant change, and will help your organization understand some of the keys to strategic planning and measuring outcomes. We will have time for interaction around questions that most publications don’t answer.
This course will cover the thinking and actions needed to design and execute Nonprofit partnerships and how to manage them over time and ultimately how to measure partnership success.
This course covers how to implement the top twenty strategies for long-term sustainability.
The Databank provides a brief overview of the theory behind organizational capacity.
Strategic planning is an annual ritual for many nonprofits. Yet countless organizations plan for programs, and fundraising without thinking about the talent needed to meet those goals, and ultimately their…