Courses for Nonprofits

The AGIF partners with some of the world’s greatest experts in nonprofit leadership and strategy to provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to expand and improve, we can connect you to cutting-edge expertise.
In this fast-paced and comprehensive program, busy and overworked leaders can expand their skill set by developing tools and strategies to save time and get more done at the same time.
Dr. Jeffrey Magee is a Certified Board Executive, serves on multiple boards now and provides Coaching, Consulting and on-site professional development work with this demographic.
In this highly interactive program, Amazon bestselling author and top‑rated speaker, Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz will strengthen the skills you already have and give you the mental agility to add to your skills with surprising ease and confidence.
With this program, you will gain an understanding and ability to be a better time and stress manager. As a result, you will leave with a strategy and action plan to develop better time and stress management skills in your life.
This private roundtable is designed for Social Entrepreneurs, Nonprofit Executives, Managers and Community Leaders that are seeking grants for a building, land, operations and programs.
Is stress harming your NGO team’s productivity, effectiveness, and quality of life? This course reduces stress for your NGO team or the clients you help.
Coaching sessions empower clients’ mental clarity, focus, and skill to accomplish your NGO goals. Dr. Slater listens deeply about the challenges and obstacles that hinder progress, facilitates clients in dissolving or overcoming obstacles, and helps crystalize your next effective steps on behalf of the NGO.
Learn to lead your volunteers and employees with passion for your mission.
Learn about networking and professional development.
Do you have a revolving door when it comes to your fundraising staff? If you’re a nonprofit Executive Director or CEO who has trouble retaining your development staff, watch this…
Is working at a nonprofit organization (nonprofit or non-profit) for you?
Succession planning and the search process for the executive director are two of the most important responsibilities of the board of directors of any nonprofit. But few know how to…
Transformational strategist Hugh Ballou and other major speakers present over 100 short podcasts and blog posts to empower you to lead your organization more effectively and to empower your organization and team members to reach their goals. An amazing amount of wisdom, insights and inspiration in easily digestible packages!
Transformational strategist Hugh Ballou presents 31 short podcasts (one per day) on ways that you can become a more effective Leader of your organization to maximize the effectiveness of it and to enhance your own skills.