Courses for Nonprofits

The AGIF partners with some of the world’s greatest experts in nonprofit leadership and strategy to provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to expand and improve, we can connect you to cutting-edge expertise.
10 steps that every nonprofit staff member, board member, and volunteer needs to know about marketing — so you can get more money and clients for your important mission.
Whether you’re exploring, starting up, or an experienced consultant or freelancer, you’ll find powerful exercises to build your confidence, identify where you need to grow, and set a platform for hitting the ground running in your nonprofit consulting business.
This four section, 20 lesson class, with its valuable 12-page workbook and 30 point checklist, is a perfect aid in starting your business or to see where the gaps are in your existing consultancy.
We know that Compelling Nonprofit Story is an important component in creating a connection, but how can you tell the right story? Creating a compelling story is not easy, but Matt Hugg joins the Iris Creative podcast to give advice on how to write the right story.
Who are you? Who are the right clients for you? The right answers will make your life much easier, and your business much more successful.
The explosion in electronic media has created the greatest demand for stories in history, making public relations the biggest, fastest-growing opportunity for attracting new customers to your business.
Learn successful marketing tools to bring more attention to your NGO.
Refine your marketing materials and increase awareness of your mission.
Learn how to communicate strategically, staying on goal, on message, and on schedule. Discover the tools of effective planning—and achieve better outcomes.