Courses for Nonprofits

The AGIF partners with some of the world’s greatest experts in nonprofit leadership and strategy to provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to expand and improve, we can connect you to cutting-edge expertise.
Understanding the basics of nonprofits is key to successfully consulting, volunteering or working for a nonprofit entity. That’s why knowing more than “they’re do-gooders” is essential to carrying out your job as a volunteer, board member or staff.
Fully comprehensive 8-week leadership program designed for the busy and overloaded leader who wants to develop strategies and processes for transforming a vision into success!
This fast-moving training program can increase productivity and promote team building by helping you learn more about your own and your team’s needs, work styles and how both fit into your organization’s overall goals.
Over 30 years of experience in developing and improving boards for organizations across the country
Dr. Jeffrey Magee is a Certified Board Executive, serves on multiple boards now and provides coaching, consulting and on-site professional development work for non-profits.
To provide just-in-time professional development training for individuals or groups, there is a great need for non-profits to be able to more effectively enlist or recruit new donors, members, employees, the sales mastery program is brilliant for consideration.
Learn to structure the organization efficiently and effectively.
If you think you aren’t a numbers person, this class is for you! You will review how terminology is different from business accounting, step you through the process without a lot of jargon, comparisons of free and low-cost accounting programs, and fraud and theft prevention.
Learn to structure the organization and create detailed budgets.
This course will teach you how to make QuickBooks work for you. you’ll learn the differences between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks desktop, how to make either work in a nonprofit environment, how to choose the correct set-up requirements and the different apps that could save your nonprofit time and money.
Learn about recruiting, training, recognition and dismissal or volunteers.
This course will provide in-depth coverage of board best practices—as a whole and for individual members.
In this course you will learn the process of budgeting, customizing reports and donor communications, common reconciliation issues, and month-end and year-end requirements in a QuickBooks environment.
This workshop will explore what elements must be part of the design of your leadership development efforts and what should be measured along the way to determine if you’re getting a return on your investment.
How to create organizational cultures that not only attract but retain healthy, flourishing, and engaged employees and increase the likelihood of mission achievement.
This course will cover all stages of volunteer management.
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