Courses for Nonprofits

The AGIF partners with some of the world’s greatest experts in nonprofit leadership and strategy to provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to expand and improve, we can connect you to cutting-edge expertise.
By remembering these dozen “rules”, you’ll go a long way in developing successful fundraising programs to fund your important mission.
This simple grid gives examples of 20 kinds of fundraising. It’s good for board meetings, committee meetings, staff strategic planning or anywhere else you need everyone to be on the same page about fundraising methods.
Get uncommon insights, taking you step-by-step through tried-and-true concepts and modern methodologies.
The chart used by thousands of nonprofit leaders around the world as their guide to exactly what kind of fundraising best suits their organization.
These 15 hints are exactly what you need to know so you can do direct mail right. Many are counter-intuitive, and most just make sense once you understand their purpose.
If you’re nonprofit website fundraising, then the days of the static, billboard website are gone. It’s not enough for your clients and constituents to know what you do. You need them to support you!
This book teaches fundraising and lets you take real examples to dig into how life meets fundraising.
Reach out to the best donors at the right time using the Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value (RFM) Model.
The pathway to sustainable, recurring income. A mini course for finding the missing elements for success.
Convening once a week, this comprehensive virtual training consists of six two-hour webinar sessions for six weeks.
Through Painless Prospecting, Black Fox Philanthropy serves as a highly skilled short-term extension of your staff, making it financially accessible to organizations in the trenches of fundraising that need added bandwidth to uncover new grantors through extensive funder research.
Two unique ways to bring you instant income over many years
We’ve got you covered to provide immediate non-profit benefits to receive tax-deductible contributions and sponsorships
Black Fox will create a suite of engaging, funder-centric materials that will enable you to increase your fundraising success and secure better brand recognition – both of which will bolster organizational capacity in the short and long-term.
Learn to find fundraising sources, how to approach them, and more.
How to apply for grants and increase your chances of obtaining funding.
Learn the “how to” focus on what is important, and strategies to recruit, retain, and cultivate donors…all without a large budget!
Learn how to turn your event attendees into long-term sustainable donors.
This session will examine the basics in terms of starting a fundraising effort.
This session will get you on the right track by showing you how to develop a concrete plan for your fundraising efforts. You will leave with a direction and plan for propelling your efforts heads above the rest.
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This session is a deep dive into tracking outcomes and best practices to prepare for mission success by outlining what funders want. We cover how data can provide a more…