A3. Contribulet

The traditional approach to fundraising is not very efficient, especially for smaller organizations. Welcome to a new world where fundraisers can raise funds and also build relationships with local businesses to form a stronger, more vibrant community.

Contribulet is a digital, cloud fundraising solution for non-profits to fundraise through local businesses. Contribulet streamlines the process by enabling non-profits to tap into the pool of local businesses enrolled on the Contribulet platform. Participating businesses sell e-Gift Cards on Contribulet and in return agree to donate a specified percentage of their on-line sales to the fundraisers selected by the e-Gift Card purchasers.

Whether you’re a business or non-profit, signing up on the Contribulet Platform is easy – simply go to www.contribulet.com and click on either the business or fundraiser link to enroll. There’s no cost to fundraisers or businesses to register. Contribulet handles the financial transaction tracking with 24/7 access to the data to simplify the fundraising process – no more logging of donations or tracking receipts. Use Contribulet’s social media tools to promote your next fundraiser!

We currently focus around San Jose, CA and expect to expand nationally over the next several years.

From Steve Onishi

Business Development Director, Contribulet Inc.


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