A11. Complete Website Solution.

Provider: Eva Slater, PhD (Showcase Your Practice)

Purpose: Provide you or your client a complete website solution, including consultation about your website goals, construction of a new website, and ongoing website care.

Scope: The complete website solution is customized to the needs of the NGO or client. At minimum, it includes consultation; construction of a secure, attractive, modern, user-friendly website in alignment with goals; and ongoing website care tailored to the individual need.

The Complete Website Solution starts at $3,000 ($2,700 for Network NGO or your client) including consultation, website construction, and initial website care. Payment plans are available.
Budget Website Alternative: If the Complete Website Solution (recommended) is financially prohibitive, the Budget Website Alternative starts at $2,100 ($1,890 for a Network NGO or your client) for a modern, user-friendly, one-page website. Payment plans are available.
About the provider: Dr. Slater is a website consultant and designer. She creates attractive, modern websites aligned with the personality and purpose of the organization represented. Her custom solutions enhance user friendliness, website security, speed of user access, and other factors that safeguard the interests of the NGO or client.