Capacity Building Grants

Grants are currently unavailable and members will be informed as soon as they are. However, grants will be awarded based on your Date of Registration in our Directory: The earlier your registration, the higher priority you will receive. Please be sure you register in our Directory now to secure your place.
At the AGIF, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of resources, experts, and professionals that can help you with whatever you may be struggling with. When you recognize a need for capacity building that cannot be met due to financial constraints, we are here to offer you Capacity Building Grants. Our purpose of the grants is to get you the training that you need to empower your cause and build your organization.
Are you eligible?
To consider as an qualified applicant, Your organization must:
1. Be bringing in no more than US $3 million in annual revenues.
2. Have no ties to terrorist or extremist organizations per US State Department regulations; and advocate no hate messages or promote violence in any way.
How to Apply
Step 1
Read about our courses and select those you want to take.
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Step 2
Download and complete the application form below.
Application Form
Step 3
Email your completed application form to us at
Send through email
Reminder: To finish the application step, please remember to email your completed application form along with other supportive documents (proof of 10% stated price and tax-exempt approval letter) to the AGIF at  Should you have questions regarding your eligibility, please call or email us.