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Capacity Building Resources and Courses

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1. EZ Digital Cards

EZcard is “digital must-have” for every non-profit. It is the perfect, highly affordable, digital marketing platform for non-profits and many other businesses. It will get the word out, and give you a quick and effective way of communicating with your clients and supporters, as well as a way for them to communicate back with you. Better yet, it will allow them to quickly and easily share your contact information with their friends to build your base of support. Through the free EZcard Non-Profit Affiliate program, it can even be a dynamic (an ongoing) fundraiser for you. EZcard is designed as a do-it-yourself (and manage-it-yourself) web app. It is the combination of a digital business card, mobile website, and smart-phone app, all for just a few dollars a month. Create it by just typing and uploading pictures and videos, then easily send it out via text or email. Non-profits usually don’t have an IT guy on staff for digital marketing, but even if you do, you need an EZcard! Please ask about our non-profit discount!

$89. Full E-Z Card (Unlimited access to features)
$10. Basic E-Z Card: Your information, contact info and organizational summary.

2. A Style Experience. Why your Image Matters.

How you dress makes a statement about who you are and the organization you represent to existing and potential clients and/or donors. It’s imperative that you dress appropriately and make a strong first impression. Whether you are going in front of a board of directors to ask for money, giving a presentation, attending fundraising events or traveling overseas, knowing that you are well dressed for the situation increases your self-confidence, helps you make the right impression and contributes to the success of your NGO.

Shelley Golden is an International Image Consultant and Stylist, who helps women and men with their clothing and overall image, giving them the confidence they need to get their NGOs to the next level. Having lived in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East, she has extensive international and domestic business experience. She understands the various ways in which people around the world put themselves together with color, fabric and design as well as the importance of social and cultural etiquette.

In order to get what you want in this competitive world, you need to approach your potential client/donor in a polished and approachable manner. Shelley fuses her knowledge, skills and talent to help her clients enhance their individual style based on their interests, body shape, coloring and lifestyle.

Shelley can take you shopping for event attire or a travel wardrobe. She can also shop for you and advise on the correct colors, styles and designs to wear for the appropriate occasion.

Shelley helps develop and implement dress code guidelines for organizations to help their employees and members to achieve success, both personally and professionally. She has an excellent understanding of international business cultures and can help identify appropriate business attire world-wide as well as manage fashion trends and assist in up-leveling employees to be consistent with the company’s image. Shelley has experience with companies such as ABN-AMRO Bank, Ogilvy & Mather, MRM Worldwide and E-bay.

First impressions are lasting impressions and Shelley’s passion is to make sure the impression you leave with someone is the one you want them to have.

Package pricing

• *Clothes shopping for presentations and attending fundraising events – both causal and formal dress.
Includes: Initial consultation, research, pre-shop, shopping (with or without client) and packing services
o $1250 for buying just one or two outfits
o Up to $5000 for a full travel/fundraising wardrobe.

• *Overseas/International Travel Shop & Pack
Includes: Initial consultation, research, pre-shop, shopping (with or without client) and packing services
o $2500 – $5000 for a full travel or/and fundraising wardrobe.

• *Social and Cultural Etiquette Training*
Includes: how to dress appropriately for the country of travel, cultural & dining etiquette and “meet and greet”
o $2500+

• Develop and Implement Dress Code Guidelines for Organizations
o price TBD

*All travel expenses will be paid by NGO

3. Basic Trademark Screening Search~Jason Webb, Attorney

Thousands of trademark law suits are filed in US courts every year with an average cost of full litigation of about

$400,000, enough to wipe out a business. Non-profit organizations are subject to trademark laws just like everyone else. Yet, many of these disputes could have been completely avoided by doing a trademark search. You should always start with your own discrete search on the internet and through other sources easy for you to use. If that goes well, you should follow it up with a professional search.

Our proprietary trademark search process:
takes into consideration the many factors that courts use to decide if brands are too close
is usually much more rigorous than the searching done at the US Trademark Office, and
includes explaining the results of the search to you in plain language

Our clients tell us that they sleep well at night because of how we do our searches and how we prepare our applications. Many law firms just hand the job to research to a paralegal or farm it out to a search firm and then sign off when it is ready. Our process includes a multi-level checklist review designed to ferret out problems before the application is filed. Accordingly, our success rate in getting registered trademarks is significantly higher than the average, at least in part due to our unique ways of searching and preparing applications to be filed.



The traditional approach to fundraising is not very efficient, especially for smaller organizations. Welcome to a new world where fundraisers can raise funds and also build relationships with local businesses to form a stronger, more vibrant community.

Contribulet is a digital, cloud fundraising solution for non-profits to fundraise through local businesses. Contribulet streamlines the process by enabling non-profits to tap into the pool of local businesses enrolled on the Contribulet platform. Participating businesses sell e-Gift Cards on Contribulet and in return agree to donate a specified percentage of their on-line sales to the fundraisers selected by the e-Gift Card purchasers.

Whether you’re a business or non-profit, signing up on the Contribulet Platform is easy – simply go to and click on either the business or fundraiser link to enroll. There’s no cost to fundraisers or businesses to register. Contribulet handles the financial transaction tracking with 24/7 access to the data to simplify the fundraising process – no more logging of donations or tracking receipts. Use Contribulet’s social media tools to promote your next fundraiser!

We currently focus around San Jose, CA and expect to expand nationally over the next several years.

From Steve Onishi

Business Development Director, Contribulet Inc.


Apptivo is a cloud platform of integrated business apps designed for companies of all shapes & sizes. Manage nearly any business task using Apptivo’s Apps, from sales & marketing, to billing & support, and everything in between. With Apptivo there is no per-app pricing, get access to the entire platform starting at just $10 monthly per user. Whether you use Apptivo for a single app, or to manage your entire business, it will deliver incredible value to the entire organization.

  • CRM – Track the complete sales process and close more deals
  • Contracts – Manage end to end contact lifecycle for your Business
  • Project Management – Collaborate on tasks, manage timesheets, and log expense reports
  • Invoices – A billing system to send and receive online payments from anywhere
  • Campaign Management – Flexible Contact Targeting & List Generation
  • Help Desk – A powerful ticketing system to deliver stellar customer support
  • Expense Reports – Mobile expense reporting & simple approval workflow tools
  • Field Service – Generate work orders, dispatch employees, and invoice for the job
  • Procurement – Supply chain management with vendor tracking, purchasing, and inventory

7. SAHAVE: The Platform for Social Change

SAHAVE’s Vision

We envision a world where no one goes without the necessary blood to sustain life, and that every citizen recognizes the value and responsibility of donating blood regularly.

SAHAVE’s Mission

To provide the systems to guarantee on demand blood delivery to the patient’s bedside across the globe, thereby eliminating millions of needless deaths each year.

How SAHAVE Will Accomplish This

Through comprehensive social influence communications on an individual, group, community, and national dialogue, the shift in cultural thinking surrounding donating blood and its value to humanity will become standard.  Additionally, by cutting-edge, AI technology built on blockchain, automated technology systems designed to communicate in real-time individual and group needs and fulfillment by all stakeholders, blood can be ordered, acquired and delivered to the patient’s bedside regardless of location anywhere in the world in time to save lives.  Currently, as many as 12,000 lives are lost daily in India alone each day.  In the USA, as many as 4.5 million people are at risk of death each year that are in need of blood transfusions.  There are similar shortages in nearly every country in the world. Coupled with our blood donation approach we also work with nonprofits and NGO’s by building capacity with our volunteer module.  By encouraging volunteering and having the ability to measure results of behavior modification, cognitive thinking, teamwork and empathy, tomorrow’s citizen will grow in personal awareness, social impact toward their fellow citizenry and become more employable.

When SAHAVE Will Accomplish Their Mission

Already operational, the SAHAVE platform is working in the USA and India toward saving lives.  It will take years to shift the cultural belief systems, fears, myths, and superstitions surrounding donating blood, but the movement is crucial to saving lives.

By building efficiency, sustainability and transparency for NGO’s and nonprofits, SAHAVE impacts communities in many, many ways. All too often the bulk of revenues that should be dedicated toward their mission is used for administrative expenses. SAHAVE eliminates the waste by growing volunteers, eliminating wastage of blood, and training and developing marketing skills within the organizations.

1. Transforming Power: Fast Track to Non-profit Leadership Excellence ~ Hugh Ballou

Transforming Power is an 8-week fully comprehensive leadership program designed for the busy and overloaded leader who wants to develop strategies and processes for transforming a vision into success!

The 20 Part Online Series Will Include:

  • Eight Weekly Lessons – Everything you need to know about Transformational Leadership is included in this fast-paced comprehensive program.
  • Useful Tips and Tools – Each module not only includes the theory of a specific leadership principle, it also includes strategies for using those principles in your organization and
    specific applications for the included tools for leaders.
  • Fully Comprehensive Leadership Notebook – Each module is delivered in a PDF file to print out for your notebook. This is a leadership program that will have value for the rest of your life and the principles can be applied to any type of organization anywhere.
  • Downloadable Lessons and MP3 Files – Since this program is designed for the busy and overloaded leader, each lesson is also provided in an easy to download MP3 file to “listen on the go.”
  • BONUS: Eight Extra Sessions – Since there are many, many opportunites for leadership and many challenges to address, there are 8 bonus sessions designed to provide the extra information
    and templates for applying the leadership principles.
  • BONUS: Three TeleSeminars– Every leader has similar challenges in common, so there are 3 recorded live teleseminars on the top challenges leaders face today: Effective volunteer engagement using SMART Goals, Preventing and Managing Conflict by Building and Empowering High Performance Teams, and Conducting Power-Packed Meetings – Energizing and Empowering Teams.

I have used this very same program with my leadership coaching clients for many years now and they have made great progress. This “tested in real life” program which many people have paid $4,500 for my personal coaching is now yours to study at your own pace at home. It’s “Hugh in a box” so to speak.

You’ll also be getting downloads and lots of other stuff that’ll help you get up and running quickly and utilize from now on.

Now is your opportunity to jump in and build your skills…

Now is your opportunity to jump in and build your team…

Now is your opportunity to jump in and transform your organization…

I guarantee that you will be fully on the way to being transformed into the leader you were created to be by
the end of this program.

Your investment for Transforming Power will be a one-time payment of $397

If you prefer, you can make 6 payments of $67.

2. The Leadership Accelerator: Fast Track to Transformational Leadership Excellence ~ Hugh Ballou

The Fast Track to Transformational Leadership Excellence in Four Modules

I have with some of the top leaders in every type of organization during my career and learned something of great value from each of them. In addition, I have spent over 40 years working as musical conductor of choirs and orchestras and have now redefined leadership through the eyes of a conductor. My four leadership principles articulated throughout this online leadership program are applicable to leading any type of organization.

In this fast-paced and comprehensive program, busy and overworked leaders can expand their skill set by developing tools and strategies to save time and get more done at the same time. If a leader can master these four leadership principles, then they can lead any type of organization more effectively – starting with the very first lesson.

The issues that I constantly hear about are:


Now is your opportunity to jump in and create your roadmap for success…

Register for my comprehensive online program today…

Your investment for The Leadership Accelerator will be a one time payment of $497.

3. Building the Five Pillars of a Successful Business or Nonprofit ~ Hugh Ballou

The Pathway to Sustainable, Recurring Income. A Mini Course for Finding the Missing Elements for Success.

  • Focus on Outcomes
  • Give Clear Directions
  • Model Excellence

Lots of Value – in a Short Program

$9 Will Change Your Financial Life!

4. Unbound: The MasterClass for Breaking the Barriers Holding Back Your Success ~ Hugh Ballou

We each have brilliance in our field. However, we don’t have the skills to build out the process to earn money we deserve with that brilliance. It’s not our fault…we aren’t supposed to know all the details that will attract income from our products or services. We are great…we just don’t know how to fully convert our skills into the income that we deserve.

In my world, leadership is the pathway to income. Filling in the gaps that we don’t see and don’t realize are holding us back is why I have created this program.
We start right away by defining the future vision and then create the pathway to attracting income to achieve that future vision. There is a lot of valuable content delivered weekly. There are group Q & A sessions every two weeks. It’s the content that unlocks your future and a group process guided by me to assist you in achieving your ultimate success!

There are lots of online programs offering promises to create lots of revenue. Some of them even work. What’s missing from those “quick fix” offers is a system for creating sustainable, recurring income and a support system to assist us when we get stuck or get confused.

My answer is to provide a system with a step-by-step implementation sequence.

  1. There’s no guesswork…
  2. There’s no wondering what’s next…
  3. There’s sufficient content to guide your planning and actions…
  4. There’s a support group and my mentoring…
  5. There are specific modules covering the stages for moving forward…

Register now for 1 payment of $997 (Save $191) or 4 payments of $297

5. Leadership Development ~ Dr. Jeffrey Magee

Dr. Jeffrey Magee is a Certified Board Executive, serves on multiple boards now and provides Coaching, Consulting and on-site professional development work with this demographic.

6. Jill Lublin’s Crash Course in Publicity

Do you realize the explosion in Electronic Media has created the greatest demand for stories in history, making public relations the biggest, fastest-growing opportunity for attracting new customers to your business?

The media NEEDS interesting stories. And in exchange, they provide tremendous exposure for your business exposure that’s essentially free advertising for your business or organization.

Being featured in the media drives profits to your business and prospects to your door. That kind of exposure can take your business to the next level seemingly overnight!

One of Jill’s ideas quickly created a significant jump in my business revenues. Her coaching was effective, strategic and right on the money!
Charlotte MacIlraith, Ceramic Tile Refinishers

Publicity has proven itself the most cost-effective, lucrative and powerful tool for client attraction and retention. No wonder you’re eager to get your foot in the media door!

If you ever watch the news, or read the paper very closely, you’ll notice that virtually everything in it is about people … people just like YOU.

You’ll see busy professionals just like yourself -business professionals, non-profit leaders, authors, chiropractors, small business owners and consultants from every location and industry using publicity to grow their businesses and professional careers.

As a matter of fact, whether you realize it or not, “You’re the news!” And the media will feature you… if you know how to create and plant a unique story to attract it.

Finally, there’s a quick and easy way to get everything you need to put the media to work for you – a proven system that you can duplicate and replicate, tools you can use over and over to get FREE media exposure and a supply of new customers for the lifetime of your business!

In this course, you’ll get

My personal focus on your business, so that you leave with your unique message and story angle the media is looking for;

Four done-for-you templates you can use again and again for the most important promotion tools so that you leave with a system you can replicate time and again to create more media exposure;

My one-on-one attention and support as you fill in the templates to create your bio, unique message, press release and announcement, so that you’ll leave with the four tools you need to get the media to say yes to you;

Specific media training to prepare you for interviews so that you connect with reporters and reach audiences, first time, every time; and

All your questions answered so that you can carry out your campaign quickly, easily and inexpensively.

You can accomplish all this in just one day because the Crash Course in Publicity gives you private and exclusive access to my laser-focused attention. We meet in a very intimate setting with limited seating. This means you get lots of one-on one-time where I focus only on you.

I’m going to think for you. I’m going to work for you. Plus, the templates are done for you! Its already created. You don’t have to do it yourself. You ll walk away with the four most important documents you need to get the media to say yes to you! Crash Course in Publicity Only $1,297

1. Grant Writing Boot Camp: Six-Part Series ~ Sherita Herring

Studies reveal that many managers of non-profit finances, including for churches, suffer huge knowledge gaps, leaving them in a vicious cycle of “nonprofit starvation.”

Another common mistake is many non-profit Executives, Social-Entrepreneurs, Clergy and Thought-leaders leave it up to the Grant Writer to understand and develop the grant strategies for their organizations — which is a BIG mistake!

Executives who see the success or failure of their fundraising strategies as the sole responsibility of the grant writer or funds developer, is failing to consider the responsibilities beyond the funding application, i.e., day-to-day operations; collaborative building; past strategies; future strategic planning, projected outcomes, past and present contacts and resources, and more; in which all are a part of the application process. How would the grant writer or funds development automatically know this information?

It’s important for the leading principal to become versed in the financial strategies of the organization to ensure sustainability.

Convening once a week, this comprehensive virtual training consists of six two-hour webinar sessions for six weeks.

1. Nonprofit Development Webinar/Workshop ~ Sherita Herring

In this comprehensive seminar you’ll “save thousands”, while accomplishing the following:

  • Complete the IRS Tax Exempt Application
  • Complete all required documents that must accompany the Exempt Application, i.e., Bylaws, Conflict Policy and more
  • Learn the requirements for Board Members
  • Understand corporate governance responsibilities and more

Receive instruction from an unparalleled expert:

  • Coached heads of state and countries, i.e., Former President of Mexico (Vicente Fox); UN Ambassador Byran Blake and other Leaders
  • Obtained IRS Exempt Application approval in less than 19 days
  • 100% success rate in getting nonprofits approved.
  • Formed over 600 businesses and nonprofits
  • Also coaches law firms in nonprofit development strategies


  • All participants, upon completing the required hours, receive a Certificate of Completion value $695

1. Board Development and Corporate Governance Training ~ Sherita Herring

Most don’t realize the value of the Board of Directors and how, with qualified members, they can help the organization or business “Soar Like An Eagle!”

  • Do you know how to select qualified Board Members?
  • Do you have trouble maintaining Board Members?
  • Are your Board Members inactive and/or nonresponsive?
  • Even worse, are your Board Members dead weight, instead of economic enhancements to your organization?

Let the Kreative Images Foundation make the difference with your Board!

K.I. has provided corporate governance and board development training since 1994, while Ms. Herring has facilitated corporate trainings for such companies as Shell Oil, Sprint, United Telecom, Blue Cross Blue Shield and other Fortune 500 companies for more than 30 years.

Through our thought provoking, comprehensive training, we also answer some of the following questions:

  • What is corporate governance?
  • Do I need a Board of Directors?
  • Can I pay my Board Members?
  • What are the roles of Corporate Officers, Board of Directors and Shareholders?
  • What’s the difference between a For-profit Board of Directors and Nonprofit Boards?
  • Do we need Board of Director insurance?

Contact the K.I. Foundation to provide board training, to facilitate a retreat, or to provide consulting for corporate governance…

2. Board Retreat Work ~ Dr. Jeffrey Magee

Dr. Jeffrey Magee is a Certified Board Executive, serves on multiple boards now and provides coaching, consulting and on-site professional development work for non-profits.

$12,500 per day, plus travel and lodging.

3. Online Learning Portal ~ Dr. Jeffrey Magee

To provide just-in-time professional development training for individuals or groups, there is a great need for non-profits to be able to more effectively enlist or recruit new donors, members, employees, the sales mastery program is brilliant for consideration.

    $994 for 12 months of access.

4. Sustainment and Reinforcement Services ~ Jeffrey Magee

Resources and deliverable’s, unlike any other talent management firm for non-profit organizations and leaders… Podcasts, books, ezines, Professional Performance magazine

5. Capacity Building for the Board/Executive Team ~ Talia Dashow

How well does your board work together? Do you hear from everyone on your executive team? Studies show that the most effective teams are the ones where people speak up about the same amount as each other, and everyone feels safe to speak. Does that describe your team?

Total Team Engagement offers half and full day workshops to help you 1) know, like, and trust the other people you work with, 2) get input from everyone about important decisions, and 3) create a team culture that will support your organization.

When you don’t hear from everyone, people start to feel unappreciated and do less work (maybe none, if they have a volunteer position). Creating space to get everyone’s input, and to find ways to incorporate that into decisions, means higher commitment, greater productivity, lower turnover, and more creative solutions. Your leadership team can’t afford to spend time working at cross purposes!

Prices start at $1725 for a half day workshop and go up, depending on what your needs are. We customize all of our workshops and trainings. Please visit for more info, or write to or call 510-862-2400.

1. Fiscal Sponsorship ~ Sherita Herring

What does our Fiscal Sponsor/Agent (FS/A) Program offer?

We’ve Got You Covered to provide . . .

  • Immediate non-profit benefits to receive tax-deductible contributions and sponsorships
  • Business development and leadership coaching, providing professional mentoring, which can include additional featured speakers and experienced trainers; minimum two (2) group virtual trainings offered per month (plus one one-on-one session, if FS/A+ is selected).
  • Virtual comprehensive training includes grant research, project development, collaborative building, budgeting, program evaluation so much more.

In addition:

  • FS/A allows you to test-drive your social causes and ideas, while receiving tax deductible contributions, without becoming a nonprofit organization
  • FS/A helps you attract and receive funding that otherwise would not be available
  • Through FS/A, receive hassle-free fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other administrative services:

1)  We take on the responsibility of receiving and administering your charitable contributions

2)  We produce your comprehensive donor reports

3)  We are responsibility for Corporate governance and Board of Director responsibilities

If you’d like to step into this trillion-dollar industry, as you learn how to chart your path . . . We’ve Got You Covered!

Initial enrollment requires a three-month commitment, with the following being month-to-month (can alternate from FS/A to FS.A+).

Upon enrollment, Fiscal Sponsorship coverage begins immediately for tax deductible contributions.

The number of FS/A Memberships are limited!

Option #1: FS/A Program Enrollment is only $125 for two one-hour group sessions per month. Fees will be recurring every 30 days.

Option #2:  FS/A “Plus” Program In addition to Option #1 (two 1-hour group webinars), Option #2 includes a 1-hour one-on-one personal training per month (coaching with Sherita Herring) for $165 /month. Fees will be recurring every 30 days, with the option to switch to Option #1 at any time.

2. Executive Grant Training ~Sherita Herring

Open to only 12 registrants

This private roundtable is designed for Social Entrepreneurs, Nonprofit Executives, Managers and Community Leaders that are seeking grants for a building, land, operations and programs.

  • Learn what funding sources are available for your individual goals and objectives
  • Leave this all-inclusive session with a complete proposal written, specific to your organization’s programmatic structure
  • Multiple sample business plans will also be provided to each attendee, and so much more


  • Initiating collaboration with other nonprofits
  • Creating and maintaining an effective social media presence
  • A non-profit as a business: How to keep your competitive edge
  • Utilizing pro-bono support for high-impact projects
  • How to effectively fundraise
  • Nonprofit management