A2. A Style Experience. Why your Image Matters.

How you dress makes a statement about who you are and the organization you represent to existing and potential clients and/or donors. It’s imperative that you dress appropriately and make a strong first impression. Whether you are going in front of a board of directors to ask for money, giving a presentation, attending fundraising events or traveling overseas, knowing that you are well dressed for the situation increases your self-confidence, helps you make the right impression and contributes to the success of your NGO.

Shelley Golden is an International Image Consultant and Stylist, who helps women and men with their clothing and overall image, giving them the confidence they need to get their NGOs to the next level. Having lived in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East, she has extensive international and domestic business experience. She understands the various ways in which people around the world put themselves together with color, fabric and design as well as the importance of social and cultural etiquette.

In order to get what you want in this competitive world, you need to approach your potential client/donor in a polished and approachable manner. Shelley fuses her knowledge, skills and talent to help her clients enhance their individual style based on their interests, body shape, coloring and lifestyle.

Shelley can take you shopping for event attire or a travel wardrobe. She can also shop for you and advise on the correct colors, styles and designs to wear for the appropriate occasion.

Shelley helps develop and implement dress code guidelines for organizations to help their employees and members to achieve success, both personally and professionally. She has an excellent understanding of international business cultures and can help identify appropriate business attire world-wide as well as manage fashion trends and assist in up-leveling employees to be consistent with the company’s image. Shelley has experience with companies such as ABN-AMRO Bank, Ogilvy & Mather, MRM Worldwide and E-bay.

First impressions are lasting impressions and Shelley’s passion is to make sure the impression you leave with someone is the one you want them to have.

Package pricing

• *Clothes shopping for presentations and attending fundraising events – both causal and formal dress.
Includes: Initial consultation, research, pre-shop, shopping (with or without client) and packing services

o $1250 for buying just one or two outfits
o Up to $5000 for a full travel/fundraising wardrobe.

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• *Overseas/International Travel Shop & Pack
Includes: Initial consultation, research, pre-shop, shopping (with or without client) and packing services
o $2500 – $5000 for a full travel or/and fundraising wardrobe.

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• *Social and Cultural Etiquette Training*
Includes: how to dress appropriately for the country of travel, cultural & dining etiquette and “meet and greet”
o $2500+

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• Develop and Implement Dress Code Guidelines for Organizations
o price TBD

*All travel expenses will be paid by NGO

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