What happens to Nonprofits when:

  • 77% lack any real strategic planning?
  • 84% of their websites are not mobile responsive?
  • 50% go defunct within five years?
  • 92% communicate only in their native language?


They lose out and we lose out.

The mission of the AGIF is to advance the missions of nonprofits worldwide so that their impacts expand and the world benefits.

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Hundreds of thousands of nonprofits (also known as NGOs, non-governmental organizations) locally and worldwide are doing outstanding work to improve the planet and its peoples. But many suffer from barriers stifling their impact:

  1. They have limited exposure;
  2. Management or marketing issues impede their success; and
  3. They lack sufficient funding to broaden and deepen their work.

How much more effective could NGOs become if they addressed these issues?

The AGIF can lead the way, advancing the missions of NGOs worldwide so that their impacts expand and diverse peoples benefit.

Summaries, videos, translations and publicity of nonprofits worldwide — for donors to contribute and for NGOs to connect.

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Training to improve your success in management, administration, fundraising, social media and marketing.

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With a solid infrastructure, you may qualify for an AGIF Impact Grant to broaden and deepen your mission.

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Spotlight of the Month

EZcard is a must-have for every nonprofit. It is the Swiss Army Knife of digital marketing, and can be a digital business card, mobile website, and smart-phone app, all rolled up into one! EZcard costs a few dollars a month, and is even discounted further for non-profits.

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Nonprofit News

Most nonprofit leaders agree that we need a new way to communicate about the true costs of our programs and the vital importance of strong organizational infrastructure. But we


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“These new figures show starkly the size of the gap that needs to be closed to ensure universal access to education,” Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), said Friday….


“The struggle for gender equality is a tough struggle, and obviously it is tougher when we look at it from the perspective of Governments and institutions,” Mr. Guterres said…